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“The successful effort by mosque trustee Rahman and fellow area Muslims against stiff opposition has become a national model..." - Philadelphia Inquirer

In the fall of 2003, America marked the second anniversary of September 11th as the White House was busy defending the Iraqi invasion. At a press conference, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan responded to a question:

“The attacks of September 11th taught us that we must confront the new, dangerous threats of the 21st century….The nexus between outlaw regimes with weapons of mass destruction and terrorist organizations is the most dangerous threat of our times.”

That fall, Zia Rahman prepared to appear before the zoning board in his hometown of Voorhees, New Jersey. Rahman was ecstatic that he finally had amassed enough funds to purchase a vacant building near his own upscale home. In his dream, this dilapidated structure would become a long awaited mosque for his Muslim neighbors. Rahman explains, “If you had seen what was there before the mosque… I thought we were going to beautify it and make a place where God’s word is going to be spoken.”

Talking Through Walls, a Unity Productions Foundation-produced documentary, tells the inspiring story of Zia and the interfaith coalition that overcame the resistance of fearful Voorhees residents to finally build the mosque. It is a story that pits tolerance and intolerance in an uncertain world.

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